Blockchain: Creating a Global Network without Geographic Limitations

Blockchain, a relatively new technology, has emerged in recent years and has begun to gain popularity in a wide range of businesses. This technology is frequently hailed as having the potential to recreate how “trust” is perceived in the economy by eliminating the need for intermediaries such as banks and replacing them with mathematics or “code.” It is one facet of a complex digital ecosystem that is changing the way businesses, markets, and regulators interact.

While Blockchain impacts the financial industry in a diverse number of ways, it has an untapped potential to disrupt the old concept of trade finance by allowing it to transcend local, state, and national borders.

Through Blockchain we can get rid of all those layers and just pay for what matters, which is the product or service we require.

Let us have a look at how Blockchain technology has helped make the world a smaller place for businesses in the Fintech Industry and trade finance:

  1. Because Blockchain technology is internet-based, it does not require any special setup. Fintech companies using blockchain-enabled decentralized systems can make global transactions into simple, routine processes with only one requirement: internet connectivity.

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