Last Mile

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Globally, the logistics sector has seen a surge of investments in last mile delivery. These have been driven by the significant demand for home/business delivery.

Investments are being made across the value chain, from order-taking apps and last-mile delivery services to autonomous robots. With a market opportunity approaching $1 trillion, globally, the opportunity is huge.

This opportunity is the most significant in emerging markets where delivery infrastructure is currently being built.


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TraQMile uses a model based on thousands of independent contractors and employees across the marketplace.

Using a sophisticated technology platform and thousands of people in the field with mobile devices and apps, the delivery team takes care of the task of delivering (or picking up).

All this is coupled with a robust verification and billing system that allows customers of all sizes to leverage this distribution infrastructure.


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The technology behind TraQmile’s platform centrally manage all of the key elements for last-mile delivery.

Customers directly integrate their delivery software with TraQMile .

Orders are pushed out to the TraQMile platform, which automatically dispatches the order for delivery.



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Analytics and AI algorithms are used to optimize order management and delivery options.

The mobile app tracks the delivery vehicle and robust verification options are in place for the deliveries.