TraQiQ offers the TraQLearn product suite for learning and development. It enables both academic and corporate users to build, maintain and grow their education programs.

There is a gigantic shift in K-12 and higher education structures with the introduction of Learning Management systems (LMS). LMS’ facilitate building and running programs. They also provide tools for content authoring. Most importantly, they provide targeted learning to students that enables them to learn at their own pace.

Modules of TraQLearn

Odoo Suit

Admin Module

The TraQLearn Admin module enables the Administrative staff need to be able to build and the run program(s). This could be for one class or hundreds of classes that lead to a degree program – with hundreds of students.

In the corporate environment, it is likely to be a smaller set of students who are learning together or at their own pace. It is likely they will need rich interactive content. There are going to be billing modules, integration (with other software) considerations and program/access controls.


Teacher Module

TraQLearn offers Teachers rich content authoring tools. It has multi-media and multi-channel delivery systems including audio and video. TraQLearn enables the integration of publicly available content. The system offers collaboration and social tools to facilitate interaction within the community.

TraQLearn includes AI/ML tools that empower the teachers. These tools will help provide targeted and/or remedial learning.

The Teacher module also includes tools for grading and facilitating feedback.


Student Module

TraQLearn offers Students the best environment to learn. It stars with an admin dashboard for joining a program or a class.

Next, there are a multiple learning channels. There is a complete content repository for learning modules, tests and remedial learning.

There are communication channels, area for taking notes, sharing thought and ideas. The system is architected in a way that allows for multiple tiers of interactivity.



TraQLearn brings Parents of students (in the academic world) and Supervisors of students (in the corporate world) into the learning process. There is a significant level of transparency and access to the education process. There is a dashboard for each student with all the information – classes, scores and fee schedules.

TraQLearn also includes a dashboard for targeted/remedial learning.



TraQLearn provides analytics and algorithms to automate recommendations for students and content. By using AI/ML tools, TraQLearn understands learning patterns of a specific student, and helps in picking the right content to get them to their targeted skill level.

TraQLearn provides a level of monitoring, control and results that are hard to match in the manual universe. Individual attention, technical advancement and cloud-based systems enable TraQLearn to empower students & teachers, schools & employers to reach their training and education goals.

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